Our Services

Resonance, LLC

Our Services

Establishing strong community relations can determine the ultimate success of your organization.  We can help you craft effective strategies to build strong alliances and achieve positive community engagement.
  • Content Creation: Annual Reports, Press Releases, Web Content, Letters
  • Corporate and Community Event Planning and Management
  • Outreach and Public Advocacy Strategies
  • Communications and Strategic Planning

Positive employee morale can prevent a stagnant atmosphere that impedes progress and profits. We can objectively analyze your operations, helping you to move forward with an approach that benefits your customers, inspires your employees and managers, and enhances your business.

Business Turnaround

  • Change Management
  • Corporate and Nonprofit Coaching
  • Job Description and Employee Handbook Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Employee Relations
Running a nonprofit organization, especially with a working board, can be a challenge. Let us help you identify opportunities, build capacity, and mitigate risks, to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your organization. See our brochure to learn more about our services for nonprofits.
  • Grant Writing
  • Board Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Large-scale Event Planning and Management

We can serve as a valuable liaison between your business and government agencies, helping you navigate regulatory hurdles and advocating for your business during land-use zoning and special use permit application processes.

  • Proposal, Grant and Application Writing
  • Preparation of Response Reports and Correspondence
  • Meeting Coordination and Representation

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