Our Founder

Jennifer E. Goldman

Founder of Resonance, LLC

I am energetic and motivated, both personally and professionally.

As a community relations specialist, I am happiest when I'm surrounded by people, building relationships and connecting people to the resources that they seek. 

Through my company, Resonance, LLC, I offer services such as interactive workshops, corporate and community event coordination and strategic planning, communications, and marketing facilitation.

Resonance, LLC owner Jennifer E. Goldman is an established Community Relations Specialist with a degree in Business Management and Human Relations from George Mason University. She holds certifications as a Certified Tourism Ambassador and in Nonprofit Management.

During the five years that Jennifer E. Goldman served as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation she became a resource for the community surrounding her. She completed certifications in customer service, management, tourism and attended numerous workshops and seminars increasing her knowledge base about community relations, marketing, grant writing and other highly regarded topics. While at the Partnership, and before that as a professional writer, she came to know and become known in several communities.

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