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Serving both the public and private sector, Resonance, LLC, a community and government relations firm, focuses on strategic communication strategies for clients, facilitating methods by which businesses, nonprofits and government agencies can more easily and effectively engage with their target market. We do this through services such as grant and proposal writing, zoning and other government applications, content creation, strategic planning, process review and improvement and small business and nonprofit consulting.

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Community Relations

How you engage with your community, both externally and internally, can make all the difference. Let us show you how to do so effectively. We provide:

• Corporate Social Responsibility Planning and Implementation
• Content Creation: Annual Reports, Press Releases, Web Content, Letters
• Large Event Planning and Management
• Stakeholder Surveys and Response Analysis
• Outreach and Public Advocacy Strategies
• Strategic Communications

Management Consulting

Let us objectively analyze and assist with what may be holding your company back, indicating to stakeholders a sense of stagnancy, lowering morale and impeding profitability. Rather, we can help you move forward with a more positive and effective approach that benefits your customers, employees, and managers; leading to better business results. We provide:

• Business Turnaround
• Change Management
• Corporate and Nonprofit Coaching
• Employee Policy Review
• Job Description and Employee Handbook Creation
• Strategic Planning
• Employee Relations
• International Business Development

Government Relations

We can be a valuable liaison between your business and government agencies, both in writing and in person. Developing good relationships, supported by strong technical capabilities, is essential for success.

• Business to Government Translation
• Proposal, Grant and Application Writing
• Preparation of Response Reports and Correspondence
• Meeting Coordination and Representation
• Public Advocacy Strategies

Nonprofit Consulting

Running a nonprofit organization, especially with a volunteer board, can be a challenge. Let us help you fit the puzzle pieces together and develop strategies that lead to success. We provide:

• Grant Writing
• Board Assessment
• Strategic Planning
• Fundraising Strategies
• Volunteer Recruitment
• Event Planning and Management

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“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”

- Cesar Chavez -

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Articles and Updates

Resonance President Featured on SocialSteph

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Our President, Jennifer E. Goldman chats with social media guru, SocialSteph, on Facebook Live!  

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Benefit Hacks

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By Jennifer E. Goldman, President of Resonance, LLC   Most small businesses are not required, or financially equipped, to provide certain benefits to their employees. With an overwhelming number of the U.S. population being employed by small businesses (seriously, it’s nearly 100%), that means that a huge percentage of people aren’t being offered benefits like health […]

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Pick Your Poison

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By Jennifer E. Goldman, President of Resonance, LLC       I read something recently about how even if your most productive employee is toxic you should cut them loose because in the end they are worthless to you. As someone who has spent too much time around people with toxic personalities (not by choice, I assure you) […]

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Employee Morale

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By Jennifer E. Goldman, President   It’s amazing to me how many places of business continually suffer from low morale. These are typically the companies that also provide low levels of customer service and either extremely high or low employee turnover rates. What I don’t understand is how the owner or upper management is completely […]

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Too Many Hats

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By Jennifer E. Goldman, President As business people (or as human beings in general) we often wear “many hats”. Sometimes we wear too many hats. It just “is what it is” in our fast-paced Age of Information. I can remember when my children were little, I thought I’d topple over from the sheer weight of […]

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Resonance Welcomes New Marketing Manager

Posted by | June 30 | No Comments on Resonance Welcomes New Marketing Manager

Resonance is pleased to announce the addition of Madison Lemelin to the team as Marketing Manager. Madison graduated from the University of Mary Washington in May with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics.During her time as a college student, she worked as a communications intern with a Washington DC-based nonprofit organization that focuses […]

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